Ventilated ceiling brings benefits to kitchen of holiday centre in the New Forest

The benefits of a ventilated ceiling system have been provided for this kitchen at Sandy Balls holiday centre in the New Forest by a Heydal ceiling from Britannia Kitchen Ventilation.
The kitchen of a new bistro restaurant in the leisure complex of Sandy Balls holiday centre in the New Forest is ventilated using a Heydal ventilated ceiling system from Britannia Kitchen Ventilation. It provides a clean line of sight across the kitchen, in contrast to conventional extract canopies, which can be unsightly — especially if the kitchen is on view to diners. Grease filtration is achieved through double-skinned perforated extract modules. The design of these modules ensures that the separated grease cannot drip back onto cooking surfaces and is retained in the modules and collection troughs. The risk of fire is addressed by dividing the void above the Heydal ceiling into exhaust and supply air plena, with leak-tight vertical partitions ensuring the structural void is grease free. The ceiling is entirely of stainless steel and provides over an hour’s fire resistance. It can easily be reconfigured to accommodate changes in the layout of cooking equipment. Integrated sealed lighting units deliver 500 lx onto the working surface below. Mechanical and electrical services are housed in stainless-steel distribution units running down from the ceiling to serve the cooking equipment below, as services in kitchen must be easy to clean to avoid potential health hazards.
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