Lochinvar water heaters give excellent performance in York school

Replacing outdated equipment serving this school dining room with Lochinvar condensing water heaters has improved operating efficiency.
The benefits of condensing water heaters have been brought to a school in York by upgrading an outdated boiler room using two Lochinvar TurboCharger 88-380CE condensing water heaters. They provide hot water for a kitchen serving the main dining hall of St Peter’s School and were installed by Connaught Gasforce. David Pepper, managing director with Lochinvar, explains, ‘Turbo Chargers offer all the benefits of direct-fired water heaters, but by employing condensing technology, operating efficiencies are further improved and carbon emissions are reduced. ‘These units operate on the principle of low storage, but fast recovery of hot water — giving the school kitchen a reliable and economical supply of hot water. Such flexibility is important as the school can have high peak demands on catering services during and after meal-preparation times.’
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