MK develops controls to manage lighting and save energy

A shorter payback for reducing lighting energy consumption than replacing diffusers or changing lamp type — MK Electric’s Sensor range of lighting controls.
MK Electric has introduced a range of controls for lighting to save energy and manage the use of lighting. MK Sensors are said to offer shorter paybacks than replacing diffusers and changing lamp type in commercial environments. Three main types of sensor technology are used (PIR, microwave and ultrasonic) in a variety of devices for installing on ceilings or in corners as well as for long-range detection. All products in the range have a built-in photocell to light level. The range of accessories and ancillaries includes programmers and controllers, which combine to make the range easy to install, understand and use. Ceiling-mounted accessories comprise Standard PIR, Superior PIR and microwave detectors. Standard PIRs incorporate passive photocells and have a range of 6 m, so they can be installed on ceilings up to 3 m high. The off delay is 20 minutes. Superior PIRs have the same range but incorporate an active photocell to turn off lights when sufficient light is available. The off delay can be varied from 5 to 35 minutes. They are also remotely programmable and can be dimmed with analogue or digital ballasts. Microwave detectors can be used with ceilings up to 4 m high. They have a building in regulating photocell. An option of six independent scenes makes them suitable for conference rooms or large meeting rooms, which are often air conditioned. Off delays can be varied from 5 to 60 minutes. Corner-mounted units are directionally adjustable and have external manual controls. There are two independent sensitivity controls and an integrated photocell. The standard ultrasonic corner unit has a range of 6 m in open areas and 13 m in corridors. The off delay can be varied from 5 to 15 minutes. The microwave corner unit has a detection range of up to 20 m and an off delay period of up to 20 minutes. The standard programmer can be used to set the time delay and selection semi- or fully automatic operation of all ceiling-mounted sensors via an array of 12 DIL switches. A remote programming tool enables commissioning and recommissioning of sensors with very little disturbance to occupants. There is also a digital programmer for used with Superior PIRs, ceiling-microwave sensors and universal photocells. The settings can be chosen from a menu and transferred to the PIR or detector. Settings can also be downloaded from one sensor and transferred to another.
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