New boilers from MHS have huge outputs from compact dimensions

Huge outputs from compact dimensions and very low NOx emissions are key features of new boilers from MHS Boilers.
The compact dimensions and low weight of MHS Boilers’ Ultramax R3400 and 3600SB gas-fired condensing boilers suit them to being installed in roof-top plant rooms and in plant rooms where space is restricted. They have an output of around 308 kW/m2 of footprint and almost 1 kW/kg. For comparison, a conventional shell-and-tube boiler is more than twice the weight and about 14 kW lower output per square metre of footprint, excluding the space needed for the burner. The burner fires downwards and is water cooled to reduce NOx emissions to Class 5. For example, the R3600SB model emits 11.5 mg/kWh, which easily betters the requirements for the best BREEAM NOx emission rating. The components of the heat exchanger are of stainless steel. Up to eight boilers can be connected in cascade. Matched control options provide weather compensation at the boiler itself, control of domestic hot water and the ability to control up to 16 zones and up to eight boilers in cascade. Boilers up to 1100 kW include a primary pump as standard. Optional versions have two return-water connections at different temperatures. The cooler return water can be passed through the condensing section of the heat exchanger to enable the boiler to operate at a higher efficiency than if the higher- and lower-temperature return water were blended and passed through the entire water circuit of the heat exchanger.
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