Modutherm boiler range delivers on all levels

Modutherm Genesis

Modutherm has introduced the Genesis FS ULTRA range of floor standing gas condensing boilers. Ideally suited to larger commercial heating applications, including schools, offices, retail outlets, hotels or heat networks, the flagship FS ULTRA is available in eight models with outputs ranging from 334kW to 2666kW from a single unit, or cascade installations up to 16 boilers

All models can operate at a ΔT up to 30oC and a 6 bar pressure, while offering turndown ratios up to 30:1. The boiler range also delivers excellent durability and efficiencies up to 109%, thanks to a NHEXT® stainless steel heat exchanger, while an integral BLUEJET® premix burner provides high flame retention and stability. NOx emissions are also kept below 36mg/kWh (Class 6), easily exceeding the requirements for the best BREEAM NOx rating to provide two credits.

To further improve efficiencies, the FS ULTRA range has a low water content design, which facilitates rapid heat up times, as well as reduced fuel consumption. The design also keeps unit weights and dimensions to a minimum, making them perfect for roof top plant room installation and for applications where space is at a premium.

Commenting on the boiler range, Ian Bradley, Managing Director of Modutherm, said: “Commercial boilers are still essential products for many of the UK’s buildings, especially in larger properties, or when retrofitting old and inefficient units. In such cases, opting for a highly efficient and low emission boiler, such as the FS ULTRA, is a great choice and can dramatically improve efficiencies and running costs.”

The FS ULTRA heat exchanger carries a five-year guarantee, while an extended 10-year parts and labour guarantee is also available with an annual Modutherm service plan. For more information on the Genesis FS ULTRA boiler range, or Modutherm’s full range of commercial heating products, visit

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