Heating/cooling is embedded into ceilings and walls

Aquatherm’s Climasystem lightweight polypropylene radiator grid system is designed to be built into ceilings or walls to heat or cool the surface of the wall or ceiling to a few degrees above or below ambient. These grids can be installed in new-build or retrofitted. Extensive prefabrication at manufacturing stage speeds installation and reduces time on site. For new-build applications, the construction thickness, including manifolds, mounting rails and connections, is only 25.4 mm. Climasystem grids can be installed in plastered walls and dry-lined partitions. Radiant grids are simply fixed behind the gypsum board in stud-framed walls. For use in suspended ceilings, the grids are available in 600 mm-square tile-sized modules, suiting them to retrofit. They weigh only 2.5 kg/m2, including water filling, so they are unlikely to require additional strengthening of the existing ceiling structure.
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