Atomising humidifier has low energy use

JS Humidifiers
The Mistifier Plus wall-mounted spray humidifier from JS Humidifiers is applicable to small industrial and agricultural areas. It can deliver up to 6.5 l/h of water using low-energy spinning-disc atomising technology. Maximum power consumption is 230 W. Hygiene features include a purge function and siphon drain to force fresh water through the system when the power is connected or disconnected. An auto-drain feature flushes the system every four hours when it is not operating. During operation, the small water tank holds 55 ml of water, which is atomised and sprayed into the air in just 30 s, so the humidifier is practically operating with running water. An anti-scale cartridge on the incoming water supply reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance. This cartridge provides silver ions to the water, which is effective against over 650 types of bacteria and has a residual effect throughout the system.
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