Steam humidifier is designed to resist limescale

Steam Humidifier
Designed to prevent the build-up of scale — the Defensor Mk5 steam humidifier.
The Defensor Mk5 humidifier from Walter Meier uses a patented solution to the problems of limescale formation commonly associated with steam humidifiers. A cold-water zone ensures that water in key areas remains below the 55°C where scale starts to form. Incoming cold water to replenish evaporated water cools down the cylinder surface, which is covered by a plastic insert to prevent deposits and create a debris of small solids that fall into the scale-collection tank. A special pulsing mechanism also keeps heating elements free of scale. Scale causes a marked fall off in performance, with it being estimated that 0.3 mm of scale on heating plates can reduce performance by 25%. Reducing the need for regular descaling also reduces maintenance costs. These humidifiers have steam outputs of 5 to 80 kg/h and are compatible with Modbus Standard, BACnet or LonWorks protocols.
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