Energy management is a star attraction for national cinema chain

Delta Control - BG Controls
The effective management of energy in Vue multiplex cinemas throughout the country is provided by the service bureau of BG Controls.

BG Controls is installing and monitoring building controls for 42 Vue multiplex cinemas across the country.

The most recent installations by BG operate on equipment provided by Delta Controls. These sites operate using an integrated system based on open-protocol native BACnet technology. Every screen at each cinema is automatically controlled according to changing film schedules.

An Ethernet-ready building controller connects the system on a site to multiple sub-controllers within the screens and public areas. Delta Controls’ building controllers exceed the requirements laid down by BACnet, and their routing and BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Device) capabilities are well suited to these complex BACnet/IP networking applications.

Using BACnet protocols over a corporate wide-area network on standard IT equipment, BG Controls can connect to and remotely monitor Vue sites from its central service bureau.

To minimise energy consumption on each site, BG Controls receives a weekly occupancy table for reach cinema, listing screen times for the coming week. This information is used to program the building controls for every screen and public areas in the 42 cinemas.

Other energy-saving measures include optimum-start/stop strategies and midday-pause control to use the inertia of the building fabric to retain warmth.

Marc Harrison, bureau manager with BG Controls, explains, ‘Our cinema clients typically receive a financial return of two to four times their annual investment with us, which is over and above a simple automated solution. This equates to a minimum 10% in energy savings. Above all, we maintain visitor comfort levels. No complaints, no request for refunds from cinema goers and an enhanced brand image for our client.’

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