Carbon Trust study confirms energy-saving potential of air curtains

Initial results from a Carbon Trust study indicate that air curtains can reduce HVAC running costs by up to a third.

Dimplex air curtains can reduce the running costs of HVAC systems by up to 33%, according to an initial study carried out by the Carbon Trust. The savings are obtained by keeping treated air inside a building and separate from the draughts and chills of the external environment.

The study covers typical heated and air-conditioned commercial environments and compares the change in energy performance when air curtains are added to protect doorways compared to an open door with no protection.

In heated buildings, using Dimplex air curtains means that less heating needs to be installed as warmed air is retained in the building for longer. The capital cost of an air curtain is partly offset by this saving, with the remaining investment recouped from reduced running costs. An investment payback of as little as 21 weeks has been indicated.

In an air-conditioned environment, the savings are even clearer. A reduced loading means an upfront saving on capital equipment. Running costs can be reduced by around £150 a year, with greater savings in larger applications.

It is essential that an air curtain is fitted properly. The air stream should reach the floor, and there should be no gaps at either side of the door to allow draughts to enter.

Features of Dimplex air curtains include the capability to be used in de-rated or interlocked installation mode. Thermostatic regulation is standard. The overall effect is to reduce running costs by up to 97%. They also have a timed automatic switchdown mode to maximise energy savings when used with a compatible magnetic door sensor or PIR detector.

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