Colman introduces floor grilles for underfloor cooling


Colman now offers heavy- and medium-duty floor grilles for underfloor air-distribution systems data centres, computer rooms, exchanges and offices. TJH (heavy-duty) and TJM (medium-duty) grilles are designed to replace 600 mm-square tiles.

They are made from high-grade aluminium extrusions to EN 755-9:200. Frameworks are mitred and welded to form a rigid frame. The core of the TJH version has 6 mm aluminium bars set straight on a 12.5 mm pitch. The blades are fully supported at the sides and across the grille centre for maximum strength.

The TJH also complies with the relevant sections of the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU specification for raised access floors and with IBM’s own management design guide for raised access floors.

Special sizes are available, along with alternative finishes such as polyester powder, nylon or a ShadowLine finish.

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