BACnet controller for fan-coil-units is plug-and-play

Delta Controls and Complete Control Installations

Delta Controls and Complete Control Installations have launched a plug-and-play controller for fan-coil units that enables building owners and manager to accommodate changes to floor layouts with the need for costly HVAC program modifications.

CCI, which specialises in building-management systems, has developed the CCI-FCU BACnet intelligent controller, with technology from Delta Controls of Canada. BACnet technology enables this controller to integrate seamlessly into new or existing systems to create a flexible and cost-effective controls solution.

The device is configured for a variety of applications, including 2- or 4-pipe with up to three fan speeds and 3-point control of heating/cooling.

The preinstalled program enables the controller to automatically detect if it is in stand-alone mode or if it exists on a network. With the addition of the CCI-FCU System Manager, a controller will automatically be synchronised onto the network and only require the sensor to be repositioned or an upgrade with setpoint adjustment.

When connected to Delta’ BACnet BMS software ORCAview, this controller provides an easy-to-use, flexible and reliable system.

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