Commercial distribution boards are designed for 17th Edition

Designed for the 17th Edition — commercial distribution boards from Eaton can include metering and have removable panels that leave a smooth edge for connection to ductwork.

Hager has launched a new range of type B distribution boards for commercial installations that make it easier to meet the needs of the latest Wiring Regulations and Building Regulations. Steve Dyson, product manager for Hager, explains, ‘The last few years have seen a major change in the design and installation of commercial electrical-distribution systems. Typically, there are more outgoing ways, more RCBOs and/or RCD protection, more metering and more control devices. Our new type B boards are designed with these needs in mind.’

Hager claims that these new Invicta boards are among the most aesthetically pleasing in the market. For sub- and final distribution, this is an important feature, as the board is often in a visible area.

The Invicta range includes 125 and 250 A boards with multiple incomer choices. A large DIN rail enables a metering kit to be fitted into the main board next to the incomer — saving space and time since there is no need for an extension box.

The end plate at the top and bottom of the board has a removable gland plate so it can readily be fitted to trunking. The plate has a smooth edge that will not damage cables.

The position and design of the earth and neutral bars makes for easier wiring — an important for fitting RCBOs, which are longer than MCBs.

Other installation features include simple removal of the door and front cover, a 125 A tap-off for board extensions or an additional MCB rated at up to 125 A, a central triangle fixing point for simple wall mounting and alignment, and visibility of phase identification with and without the front cover fitted.

A glazed door enables the board to be viewed while the door is locked.

There is a wide range of top, bottom and side DIN-rail extension boxes for control devices.

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