Clamp-on flow meters reduce cost of automatic monitoring and targeting

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Automatic metering readings without compromising the integrity of hydronic systems can be provided by Micronics clamp-on ultrasonic devices.

Major projects that are enjoying the benefits of Micronics clamp-on ultrasonic metering include Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and the ExCel exhibition centre in London. Despite these successes, the company’s David Leigh reports that the general uptake in building services has been slower than expected.

At Terminal 5, clamp-on ultrasonic meters were incorporated into the design to minimise system downtime and maximise availability of critical environmental systems in the terminal itself and the Energy Centre. They provide a cost-effective metering solution with the benefits of high availability and simple non-disruptive maintenance, without having to drain down the system.

These meters can be applied in stand-alone mode and provide instantaneous-flow, totalised-energy and volumetric values. They can also communicate selected alarm conditions via relay outputs to be integrated with a BEMS, automatic monitoring and targeting or billing systems via M-Bus and other industry-standard communications.

Micronics will be launching a new range of fixed, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters this year.

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