Sanyo helps college train engineers in CO2 heat-pump technology

Sanyo, CO2 heat pump, renewable energy
Among the technologies incorporated in the Eco House at Petroc College in Barnstaple is a Sanyo CO2 heat pump. The house is pictured here being visited by a party of school children.

To help train the next generation of engineers, Sanyo has supplied a carbon-dioxide heat-pump system for the Eco House at the Petroc college in Barnstaple. This 3-storey highly insulated building is designed to showcase working examples of the latest technology for harnessing high-efficiency and renewable energy sources.

It will be used to train field engineers in the principles of heat pumps and safe installation and maintenance practice. It will also be used for courses and workshops to educate architects and local-authority decision makers about the benefits of heat pumps.

Sanyo’s CO2 Eco heat pump is being used with solar collectors to provide low-cost hot water to radiators serving the lower two storeys. Sanyo is also providing a high-efficiency multi-spit heat-pump air-conditioning system for cooling and heating the top floor, where workshops and lectures take place.

The Eco House was donated by local company G. Loosemore & Son. It was originally built for Interbuild and has been rebuilt at the centre of the college site.

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