Wind turbine designed for urban conditions

Quietrevolution, wind turbine, renewable energy

Quietrevolution’s QR5 vertical-axis wind turbine is designed to operate in urban areas, where wind speeds are lower and wind directions change frequently. Its helical design can cope with turbulent winds and eliminates virtually all noise and vibration. These wind turbines turn an ABB permanent-magnet motor linked to an ABB industrial drive acting in regenerative mode to provide the energy conversion and regenerate power back into the grid.

The ABB industrial drive offers a number of benefits to the QR5, including the ability to motor to correct speeds very quickly to enhance the its efficiency — during gusts of wind, for example.

Richard Cochrane, founder and chief technical officer of Quietrevolution, explains, ‘The sensorless control of the permanent-magnet generators is a key benefit to the turbine application because of its simplicity and low cost. The drive allows us to switch seamlessly from regeneration to drawing power, as well as giving accurate speed control. This produces the maximum amount of energy from gusty and turbulent winds which are prevalent in urban environments.’

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