Advanced issues flush warning

With a growing market for retrofitting air-conditioning systems with new refrigerants, but retaining existing pipework, Colin Pratt, technical director with Advanced Engineering has warned against taking shortcuts when flushing systems. He says, ‘The most pressing issue is that engineers may try to use vapour-based flushing methods on large commercial systems.’

He elaborates, ‘There are various methods of flushing an ACR system, but whatever the manufacturers tell you, none are without their drawbacks.

‘For instance, many see compressed solvent flushing as the quick, easy solution. Engineers need only connect a pipe to push a halogenated flushing solvent through a system. However, it won’t always do the job properly. Whilst a liquid halogenated solvent will work on small systems, it often can’t cope with larger ones.’

Advanced Engineering’s recommendation is to use a more traditional liquid-based flushing system such as Endoflush. This fills the entire system and is circulated by a pump. The solvent stays liquid and dissolves tar and oil-based contaminants, as well as pushing physical debris out of a system in a way that gas-based methods simply cannot do.

Colin Pratt concludes, ‘Poor flushing practices start a vicious cycle, resulting in high repair and maintenance costs. These methods can lead to damaged reputations and lost clients. They really are a false economy.

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