Metering interface controller can handle up to 32 networked Modbus meters

Trend, metering

Trend’s Ethernet metering interface controller (EMIC) provides a cost-effective way of automatically channelling readings for multiple multiple-parameter electricity meters to a Trend building energy management system, where they can be displayed, analysed and then acted on to effect energy savings.

EMIC is compatible with 13 commonly installed multi-parameter Modbus sub-meters from six manufacturers (Elcontrol, Socomec, Northern Design, IME, Carlo Gavazzi and Autometers Systems).

There are three versions for up to eight, 16 and 32 networked meters. All can log and communicate up to 25 parameters — including kWh, kVAh, kVArh, maximum demand, power factor and frequency.

Data from multiple sites can be downloaded via a company intranet or the Internet by a Trend 963 supervisor at a central location. Electricity usage data can be entered into Trend’s iMAT online M&T package, which automatically reports incidents of over-consumption.

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