Steel boilers can handle low return temperatures

Hamworthy Heating, boiler

The high-efficiency Ensbury LT range of steel boilers from Hamworthy Heating has a low-temperature management system that enables return water temperature to reach as low as 15°C [repeat 15°C] without condensing and with no minimum flow rate. They can be fuelled by natural gas, propane, 28 and 32 sec oil and liquid biofuels. Options for biofuels are FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) or RME (rape methyl ester) blends up to B50.

The low-temperature management is achieved through mechanical design and does not require electronic controls, ensuring long and reliable performance. Because there is no minimum-flow requirement, there is no need for a shunt pump — simplifying design.

There are 14 models with outputs from 70 to 580 kW for use with fully modulating or high/low matched burners. Operating efficiencies are up to 86% gross at part load.The 3-pass heat exchanger is designed to reduce NOx emissions. With a range of low-NOx matched burners, these boilers can achieve up to European Class 5 performance.

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