Actionair advances the art of centralised control of fire and smoke dampers

Actionair, fire damper, smoke damper
Advanced control of smoke and fire dampers — Actionair’s Actionpac family of centralised control systems.

Actionair has completely upgraded its Actionpac family of centralised control systems for fire and smoke dampers, with significant improvements to many products and the launch of Actionpac Smart — a low-cost intelligent system that is said to take the control and monitoring of dampers to a new level. Many functions available with Actionpac Smart cannot be matched by traditional electro-mechanical panels.

Actionpac Smart incorporates solid-state technology and operates on an embedded platform. It is therefore extremely reliable, requires substantially less cabling and makes it much easier to group and zone dampers. Full operational data is displayed. Each Smart panel can provide interactive monitoring and function control for up to 30 Actionair Smoke/Shield or Vent/Shield dampers.

The only cabling requirements are a single network cable and power supply. There is no requirement for hard-wiring of dampers back to the panel, saving many hours of expensive installation time.

Faults are immediately detected, and the operator can view the last 50 events occurring in the system.

Commissioning is made faster and simpler, and the damper system can easily be reset at any time.

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