Controls provide the key to efficient electrical heating

Creda, Nobo, electric space heating

A sophisticated range of controls for Creda’s Nobo Series 8 range of electric convector heaters makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Individual room controllers are ideal for student accommodation. There is a cable remote system for hotels and commercial buildings. The Orion 700 system can be used for new-build apartments.

The heaters themselves are available as the C4N Slimline version with six outputs from 500 W to 2 kW and as Nobo low-surface-temperature heaters with outputs of 500 W, 800 W and 1 kW.

The Series 8 CGL individual room controller is designed for rooms that require intermittent heating, such as student study bedrooms. Room temperatures are controlled individually, with the temperature returning to economy mode when the room is not occupied.

With the cable control system, heaters with GCH thermostats can be linked into a hotel key-card facility so they remain in economy mode until the key card is inserted into the room’s switch.

Cable remote control is also suitable for commercial buildings with Series 8 heaters fitted with GCO thermostats, enabling them to be controlled from a central timer or building management system.

Orion multi-zone wireless RF programmers (illustrated) provide effective control in homes via dedicated receivers in each Nobo heater.

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