Kensa Heat Pumps helps to promote career in engineering

Kensa Heat Pumps

Kensa Heat Pumps was one of a number of UK manufacturers invited by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Business Secretary Vince Cable to present their expertise at the fourth exhibition staged by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills to showcase low-carbon manufacturing in the UK. The week-long exhibition was attended by teachers and students to provide an insight to engineering and manufacturing in the UK. Kensa specialises in ground-source heat pumps.

Nick Clegg said, ‘I want our young people to see that British manufacturing offers well paid and rewarding careers. Not many of them will know that electrical engineers are almost as well paid as lawyers and solicitors..

Business secretary Vince Cable added, ‘Holding a factory-doors open week will help us dispel the myth about engineering jobs and show they are challenging, exciting and well paid.’

Martin Temple, chairman of the Engineering Employers’ Federation, comments, ‘With the public sector set to play a smaller role in the economy, Britain needs a stronger private sector to generate the growth, investment and job creation which are so vital to our economy. Manufacturing will play a leading role at the heart of this new economy, and today’s summit is a welcome first step in focusing on the growth strategy we need to make this happen.’

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