High-efficiency solar photo-voltaic panels achieve MCS accreditation

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Sanyo’s high-efficiency HIT photo-voltaic modules have completed MCS accreditation and are eligible for the Feed in Tariff. The newly accredited modules include the N series, including the 240 W module with a cell conversion efficiency of 21.6% and a module efficiency for crystalline-based silicon modules of 19% Also accredited is the HD 250 W module.

Sanyo claims a reliability for its HIT modules of 99.9962%. Their high efficiency enables just 12 modules to have an output of 3 kW.

Shigeki Komatsu, director of Sanyo’s European solar division comments, ‘In the UK, roof tops are rather limited in size, and most installations are around 2 kW in size. This means that without high-efficiency modules, there is next to no benefit for the home owner. Not only do our products have the top-level conversion efficiency, we also offer a performance guarantee of 80% after 25 years.’

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