UV leak detection is approved by Copeland

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Continuous leak detection — Spectroline UV leak detection dye has been approved by Copeland for use with its compressors.

Copeland has approved Spectroline UK leak-detection dye for use in its compressors, which is claimed to make it the only OEM dye with such certification in the world. Ultra-violet leak detection works by injecting a system with fluorescent dye. This circulates and high­lights any leaks when a UV torch is shone over pipes and joints. Leak sites remain marked even if all the refrigerant escapes.

Vern Klein of Advanced Engineering, Spectroline’s UK distributor, says, ‘This fantastic news underlines what we already knew. Spectroline is extremely safe for use with compressors of all kinds. This careful design means it’s fine to use Spectroline dye as part of preventive maintenance. You can leave it in the system more or less indefinitely and simply scan with a torch every so often. What could be simpler?’

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