Mobile unit flushes fan-coil units to restore them to full efficiency

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To enable fan-coil units to be flushed through quickly to restore them to full efficiency, Kamco has introduced a lightweight mobile descaling and flushing pump. It enables fast and efficient chemical cleaning of pipework and cooling circuits to be carried out when fouling and scaling problems are experienced.

The Clearflow CF90 has an integral 40 litre tank, a maximum flow of 125 l/min and a 22 m head, so more than one fan-coil unit can be descaled simultaneously. During descaling, chemicals are totally enclosed for maximum safety. A flow-reversing valve speeds up descaling and helps dislodge any solid matter.

To use a CF90 pump, all that is needed is to fill the tank with descaling chemical, make connections and switch on until cleaning is complete. These units have large 200 mm ‘stair’ wheels and weigh 19 kg, so they can easily be transported by one person.

Kamco also supplies a complete range of inhibited descaling chemicals that change colour when exhausted or neutralised.

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