Kinetico stresses the energy-efficiency case for water softeners

Kinetico, water softener
Promoting the energy-efficiency benefits of water softening.

Kinetico, a leading manufacturer of commercial water softeners and filters, is urging building-services consultants and contractors to consider the positive contribution effective water treatment can have — especially in hard-water areas. John Bisset, the company’s operations director, says, ‘Building-services equipment which is specified for its energy efficiency at the design stage can quickly be compromised in its performance by the build-up of scale. This is a common problem in hard-water areas of the UK, including London and the south east. It’s imperative that effective, low-energy water-softening technology is specified at new-build stage, or retrofitted where problems have occurred, to ensure HVAC systems can perform to their design efficiency.’

Kinetico provides patented non-electric automatic water-treatment systems to suit a wide range of applications in the commercial market. They are powered by the kinetic energy of moving water and remove calcium and magnesium ions through an ion exchange process to stop scale forming. No electricity is needed. The twin-tank design supplies softened water continuously. While one tank is working, the other is cleaned with a salt solution to remove calcium and magnesium ions. The amount of softened water used is measured and regeneration is carried out when required, not at set times.

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