Kinetico achieves 12 years of water softening for Tesco stores

Kinetico, water softening
Kinetico has been providing water-softening equipment for Tesco stores for 12 years.

Over the last 12 years, Kinetico products have been the preferred choice for water treatment in new Tesco stores. Mach 2020 and 2060 units provide softened water for stores across the UK. For several years, Kinetico has been written into the specification of new-build Tesco stores and has worked with many contractors, including Platignum, Essex Services Group and Constant Air Systems.

Each Tesco store is a modular build and takes 12 to 14 weeks to construct. Kinetico is involved from the initial design phase right through to installation to ensure that the equipment supplied is always right for the application.

Barry Fitzpatrick, sales director with Platignum, says, ‘Kinetico products are a simple and reliable solution to water-treatment needs. It is a simple mechanical application and requires no electrical supply and can easily be connected to the pipework. In the last five years, all of our plant rooms for new stores have been fitted with Kinetico water softeners. Approximately 80 installations have been completed by the contractors collectively, and, as long as they are maintained properly, they are virtually problem free.’

These automatic water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions through an ion-exchange process. The twin-tank design enables a unit to provide softened water while one of the tanks is cleaned with a salt solution to remove the calcium and magnesium ion.

Most water softeners have timers so they can be regenerated at night when water is not being used. Kinetico units have an automatic control valve that measures the use of soft water and regenerates as required.

As well as commissioning units, Kinetico offers maintenance and staff training to all Tesco stores.

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