Fully concealed air curtain

JS Air Curtains

JS Air Curtains Invisidor concealed air curtain provides protection from draughts while being discreetly hidden inside a column or bulkhead. The main body of the unit is fully embedded in the walls or ceiling next to the doorway, with the air outlets being the only visible part of the curtain.

These units do not have a fascia plate, and air is either ducted into the unit or drawn from a vent or grille on the other side of the column or bulkhead. To ensure a unit is as discreet as possible, the inside of the air outlet and the directional air lamella can be provided in any RAL colour to match the walls or ceiling.

Units can be from 1.5 to 3 m long in 0.5 m increments as electrically heated, water heated and air-only models. Airflow is around 2500 m3/h per metre of length, making these air curtains suitable for doorways up to 3 m high when mounted above or 6 m wide when mounted vertically at either side. 5-speed low-noise centrifugal fans are used. Operation is via a control panel with an additional infra-red controller; they can also be connected to a BMS.

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