Priva simplifies building-management systems

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Priva is presenting its latest solution for building automation as a major step forward in the intuitive set up and use of building-management systems. The approach comprises Blue ID (the hardware) and Top Control 8 (the software). Mike Jackson, BMS manager with Priva partner SCS Group, comments, ‘This is a significant new development that will simplify engineering and assist us with integrating building-management systems with our other core products such as passive ventilation and smoke control.’

The Blue ID hardware consists of a base on which individual modules can be installed. All mission-critical components are in these models. Wiring takes place on the base, which is robust and insensitive to failures. Failure of a module does not affect other parts of a system. The base is always live, and communication always remains intact.

Data from the system, and the project database, is securely stored on SD cards. Having the project software on the controller so it is the property of the end user enables the end user to choose which Priva partner to choose for servicing and maintenance work.

Operating Blue ID simply requires a computer with an Internet connection and a standard browser. TC Manager web-based control software is the technology that creates a permanently accessible building that is always available wherever the user is located and whatever computer operating system is used.

The browser provides access to a web server in each controller. Although each controller has its own IP address, access to one controller provides access to all the others — unlike other systems which require each controller to be accessed individually. The building control system can thus be operated at any time and from anywhere.

Widgets in TC Manager give a complete overview of the status of the system. Users can analyse the behaviour of the building. For example, the effect of a particular setting of indoor temperature can be examined —as can the connection between indoor and outdoor temperature.

The hardware of Blue ID is BACnet certified and can communicate with a wide range of sensors and actuators via a large number of protocols, so renovations are very simple.

It is possible to re-use existing cabling during renovation work thanks to the use of the Priva 2-wire communication technology which uses IP over a 2-wire network over longer distances than can be achieved using Ethernet.

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