Daikin expands its VRVII range of air conditioning

New features in heat-pump and cooling-only versions of Daikin’s VRVII range of air-conditioning equipment enhance efficiency and simplify installation.
Daikin has added new heat-pump and cooling-only versions to its VRVII range of R410A air-conditioning systems. The heat-pump RXYQ-M9 system is available in 22 sizes with cooling capacities from 14 to 135 kW and heating from 16 to 150 kW. COPs at full load vary from 3.0 to 4.08, depending on model and operating mode. The cooling-only systems (RXQ-M9) are available in three sizes with cooling capacities from 14 to 28 kW. COPs at full load range from 3.59 to 3.70. Among new features of these ranges is the use of Daikin’s latest high-efficiency DC reluctance, inverter-controlled G type scroll compressor, which reduces friction losses and refrigerant leaks using a new high-thrust mechanism. The drop in thrust is reflected in a 4% improvement in efficiency and lower operating noise. Easier installation is achieved by removing the need for oil-equalising piping of two or more modules. Air tightness/evacuation tests are reduced from three to two, and fewer stop valve components are needed for test purposes. Both the heat-pump and cooling-only versions are supported by a full range of indoor units comprising 2- and 4-way-blow ceiling cassettes, special 600 mm-square low-noise multi-flow cassettes, ceiling-mounted corner, built-in ducted, ceiling suspended, wall-mounted, floor-standing, flexi-type and concealed floor-standing models.
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