MHS Boilers meet efficiency demands of Gatwick Pier 6

The operational features of Ultramax gas-fired condensing boilers from MHS Boilers provide energy-efficient heating for the new Pier 6 development at Gatwick Airport.
To help meet requirements for maximum heating efficiency with low emissions for the new Pier 6 development at Gatwick Airport, NG Bailey has installed Ultramax gas-fired condensing boilers from MHS boilers. To meet the fluctuating heating requirement of this project, the heat output of these boilers is fully variable down to 25% of full output. Low emissions are achieved using a downward-firing pre-mix water-cooled burner with precise mixing of gas and air. Combustion in a burner is normally at 1500°C, but system water in the Ultramax burner reduces the temperature to 1200°C. Nox emissions are less than 54 mg/kWh (30 ppm DAF), with carbon monoxide less than 19 mg/kWh (15 ppm DAF). Pier 6 is the largest project at Gatwick since the construction of the North Terminal. This passenger bridge spans a taxiway under which a Boeing 747-400 plane can pass. It connects the North Terminal with 11 new aircraft stands served by piers.
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