Ventilation is star performer at indoor karting venue

Hydor, ventilation, karting
The ventilation system for this karting venue in Essex was devised by Hydor.

Hydor’s approach to ventilating the 8500 m2 venue of Capital Karts in Essex uses just six HV1250 fans, compared with a conventional solution based on 15 axial fans of 800 mm each. There is also an associated saving in cabling, switch panels and isolators. The RiMO Karts use LPG and travel at over 70 km/h down the 80 m straight of the 1050 m-long track.

The fans are needed to keep carbon-monoxide to an acceptable level. The Hydor fans are designed to ventilate large areas such as farm buildings. They remove polluted air at the rate of 70 m3/s on one side of the building so that fresh air can be drawn in from openings on the opposite side.

The six fans are rated at 1.5 kW each, compared for 1.1 kW for the alternative of 15 fans. Hydor sees fit to comment that noise levels are 63dB(A) rather than 68 to 72 dB(A)!

The fans can be controlled manually or automatically via sensors in the roof area. In automatic mode, the first fan is activated when the CO level rises above the maximum long-term exposure limit of 30 ppm. More fans are switched on as required.

Indicators on the control panel show the CO level at all times, with a red light indicating greater than 200 ppm, the maximum short-term exposure limit.

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