Air-to-air heat-recovery units include heat pump

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Weger Air Solutions UK has introduced a range of heat-pump air-to-air heat-recovery systems. There are five models in the range. All the units are stand alone and only need electrical power, so they are ideal for applications where hot water, chilled water and gas are not available.

Very high efficiencies are achieved by the two forms of sequential heat recovery — the integral heat-pump system and either plate recuperators or thermal wheels. They are well suited to achieve the higher demands of Government and clients to reduce energy consumption.

Al models have integral refrigeration systems (R410A) using inverter-controlled hermetic scroll compressors. The evaporator and condenser coils are copper tubes with aluminium fins. The refrigeration system uses electronics expansion valves, cycle inversion valves, pressure gauges and pressure transducers.

Four models use air-to-air plate recuperators with efficiencies of 50, 60 or 80%. One model has a thermal wheel with 80% efficiency.

Micro-processor control modulates heating and cooling to the space to maximise efficiency. The control panels are designed for RS485 connection to building-management systems based on Modbus RTU protocol.

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