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VRF solutions are widely considered to be among the most versatile and powerful system air conditioners available. They provide exceptional comfort and are highly energy efficient and reliable. LG’s VRF systems known as Multi V IV, offer unmatched performance capabilities along with reduced energy consumption. They are flexible with long and evaluated pipe runs and have an array of indoor units to suit any application including the production of hot water.

This production of hot water is becoming one of the most topical areas currently for VRF installations, - the specification of hydro kits - which extract heat from a Multi V heat pump or heat recovery system to provide domestic hot water. Seeing waste heat escape to atmosphere is becoming a thing of the past. The capacity to recover heat and use it sensibly elsewhere in the building is part of today’s thinking when designing a building and heat recovery has reached a level of sophistication where there is always a way of re-using the heat you have already paid for, in another form. In addition, a hydro kit requires no exhaust to the outside of the building as a boiler does. It works on a closed circuit basis, pleasing architects and designers.

The hydro kit is compact and easy to install and can connect to multiple heat pumps for additional savings if required. As well as supplying hot water to a hot water storage tank within a property, it can work alongside an underfloor heating system, as part of a system that incorporates solar PV, in a preheat and reheat application or with fan coils. Impressively these systems benefit from cutting edge controls technology.

Controls ensure precise temperature control and no wastage. HVAC controllers monitor the energy consumption and reduce the systems overall energy load. With LG’s pedigree in electronic controls, this aspect of the equipment offered, has huge positive implications for those specifying HVAC equipment from the company. Many projects that LG has been involved with, have contributed hugely with regards to Part L compliance, due to the super high efficiency figures that are being achieved.

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