Toshiba offers Estia 5 heat pump

Toshiba, Estia 5

Toshiba has introduced the Estia 5 series air-to-water heat pump solutions. With best-in-class COP ratings throughout a broad range that covers split solutions from 4 to 16kW and Monobloc from 16 to 21kW, the new Estia air-to-water heat pump will bring highly efficient and low-cost space heating, hot water and summertime cooling to new homes or renovations as well as small-commercial properties.

The updated range represents the fifth generation of Estia products, and follows ten years of air-to-water heat pump development. The twin rotary compressor and intelligent power drive unit (IPDU) inverter technology maintains heating and cooling capacity very precisely and with high energy efficiency, especially at part-load use. The new 4.5kW outdoor unit for the Estia split demonstrates outstanding performances in a highly compact chassis.

Estia can replace or complement traditional boilers and will work with all types of heating emitters, delivering hot water temperatures up to 55°C. Most importantly, the eco-friendly Estia brings peace of mind and security for energy-conscious users and takes advantage of numerous European heat pump financial incentive schemes.

The ranges includes the Estia Split; Estia Split hydro; and the Estia Monobloc solution for larger installations and those requiring higher water temperatures.

Flexibility is the key benefit of the Estia Split. Comprising an outdoor unit, hydro module and water tank, installation is straightforward, with no need for flue or underground captors that require additional work on-site. The outdoor unit is compact so it can be located on any convenient exterior wall, thanks to extensive piping solutions. The Split solution is well suited to new installations or upgrades to existing systems.

As a self-contained solution with all hydraulic components integrated, installation time and effort is significantly reduced and additionally the Monobloc version offers a number flexible options that help the installer maximise its application potential and minimise cost for new buildings or for larger renovation projects. Hydro modules can be supplied with either a variable speed pump; a choice of a fixed speed pump with ESP up to 150kPa; or no pump where a pump is already installed on-site for existing projects.

The installer can also choose to set a constant hot water temperature setpoint or use the heating auto curve control which automatically sets the target hot water temperature based on the outdoor conditions. This feature harnesses the full power of Toshiba´s advanced vector inverter control, optimising the system´s energy consumption and is especially relevant when compared to units that inefficiently heat water to maximum fixed temperatures at all times of the year.

An intuitive simple-to-use remote control unit provides timer and set-up functions for two zones and hot water management.

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