Commercial condensing boilers have stainless-steel heat exchangers

Baxi Commerical’s FS and WH floor-standing and wall-hung condensing boilers have stainless-steel heat exchangers. They have maximum outputs of 110 and 160 kW, respectively, and can be used in modular installations of up to four boilers.
Baxi Group has entered the market for commercial stainless-steel condensing boilers with the launch of two boilers. The WH wall-hung boiler has an output from 50 to 110 kW, and up to four boilers can be installed in a modular configuration to provide an output of up to 440 kW. The FS floor-standing boiler provides an output of 90 to 160 kW, and up to four boilers can be installed together to deliver a total output of up to 640 kW. The Baxi Commercial range complements the cast-aluminium condensing boilers offered by Potterton Commercial, a sister company in the Baxi Group, in its Paramount and Eurocondense Plus ranges. Ken Percival explains that there is a market polarisation, with some customers preferring cast-aluminium and others preferring fabricated stainless steel. The new stainless-steel boilers are up to 107% efficient (net) with flow/return temperatures of 50/30°C and exceed class 5 for NOx emissions. The fully premixed burner is at the front of the boiler for ease of access and can modulate down to 30% of full output. Built-in weather compensation maximises seasonal efficiency. The wall-hung boilers weigh only 64 kg and can be used with a range of flues (horizontal and vertical concentric, twin-pipe and modular). The floor-standing boilers are 460 mm wide and weigh 76 kg. They provide an easy replacement for gas-fired atmospheric boilers.
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