BSRIA test proves the speed of Viega Megapress

Megapress in action

BSRIA testing shows installation speeds up to 79%  faster. 

Independent testing with BSRIA has confirmed the installation speed advantage of the Viega Megapress press connection system for thick-walled steel tube. The study showed time savings when compared to every other method tested and an impressive 78% saving compared with welding.

The time and motion study, carried out under controlled conditions in the BSRIA laboratory, compared threading, grooving, welding and Megapress press connections as an installation method for thick-walled steel tube in ½ inch to 4 inch diameters.

Each of the four installation methods were used to create a large pipework assembly that had been pre-designed and was identical for each test. It included a range of different types of fittings and tube sizes. The process was timed from start to finish and included the set-up of any equipment, cutting of the tube, connecting the tube and final assembly.

In the test Megapress was shown to deliver a 35% time saving compared with grooving, a 60% saving compared with threading and a 78% reduction compared with welding. This meant that the assembly was completed using welding in 29 hours 59 minutes while it took just 6 hours 38 minutes to complete with Megapress.

This time saving is largely due to the simple and quick assembly process when using Megapress. There is minimal preparation of the pipe required and installers simply need to cut the tube to size, deburr the cut surface, slide the press fitting onto the tube and press the connection. Each press is completed in around seven seconds and creates a strong and reliable connection.

Scott James, Managing Director at Viega said: “The results of this study demonstrate the real and significant time advantage that our Megapress system has over the alternative installation methods. Comparing the different approaches in this type of test is important as it encompasses the whole process and replicates the type of work installers will be carrying out in the field – in short, these are the time savings that customers can achieve in practice.

“This is in addition to the other benefits of press connections such as consistent quality, elimination of hot works, improved cleanliness and greater safety.”  

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