Klima-Therm celebrates another top award win

This latest win follows a run of awards for the company's products over the last decade. 

Air conditioning, heating and air movement product supplier Klima-Therm has won Heat Pump Product of the Year at the ACR News Awards for the Rhoss EXP/HT all-electric low carbon cooling and heating system.

The Rhoss EXP/HT uses a hybrid four-pipe air or water source heat pump to produce simultaneous or independent cooling and heating (using heat recovery wherever possible for ‘free' heating or cooling), with typical HVAC chilled water temperatures of 6 or 7degC and space heating hot water temperatures of up to 55degC. It also employs a water source heat pump producing higher temperatures for domestic hot water up to 78degC.

Tim Mitchell, sales director of Klima-Therm, explained: "Rhoss EXP/HT is cutting-edge technology that pushes the boundaries of innovation in heating, cooling and heat recovery. It offers a definitive change to existing techniques / equipment and contributes to environmentally friendlier cooling / heating through reduced carbon emissions, best-available energy efficiency and improved performance."

The hybrid four-pipe heat pump can produce independent cooling and heating, just like a traditional chiller or heat pump. The innovative part of the system is the use of a third heat exchanger within the machine so that, when cooling, the heating can be essentially free due to heat recovery, or vice versa.

A high temperature water source heat pump is then used, with the recovered heat being the source to raise the temperature of the domestic hot water loop to up to 78degC with a coefficient of performance (CoP) of up to 6.0.

The Rhoss EXP/HT typically boasts operating energy cost savings of around 22% and 28% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a traditional chiller and boiler four-pipe solution (without water source heat pump). Any additional cost for the hybrid heat solution over a chiller and boiler system is typically recovered within just over two years from the energy cost saving.

The system also offers a host of significant installer benefits. For example, since it is an integrated heat pump solution, there is no need for a boiler which results in plant space saving and lower equivalent CO2 emissions in operation. It is a single source polyvalent solution, which means operational risk is reduced and maintenance is faster, cheaper and easier.

Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of Klima-Therm, said: "The Rhoss EXP/HT has generated worldwide interest and this latest prestigious award recognises the innovative nature of our approach to low carbon systems.

"It´s a real honour to receive this recognition. Our efforts to provide building services professionals with top-quality solutions for their everyday needs have clearly paid off, and we are proud of the fact that we continue to receive such esteemed distinction because it showcases the dedication, expertise and sheer hard work of our remarkably talented team of employees and suppliers."

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