Rinnai range of accredited CIBSE approved CPD subjects for lower carbon continuous heat flow hot water heating units & systems

Rinnai Falkirk N Series

Now available from Rinnai is a range of CIBSE approved CPDs for designers, specifiers and building services consultants & engineers working on any type of commercial site requiring limitless flows of temperature accurate hot water for personal hygiene, laundry, food production and all other cleaning and disinfecting regimes. 

The main premise of each CPD is focused on lowering and minimising carbon output, without compromising performance.

The CPDs are available via Covid-safe premises and Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Covid-safe means that all safety measures are strictly observed and practised, in face-to-face meetings on site of the premises where the presentations would be held.

The current list of CIBSE approved CPD subjects available direct from Rinnai is as follows:

  • Hydrogen – energy source for the future


  • Energy Efficient on Demand Water Heating


  • Bio-LPG - a technical and economically viable route to decarbonisation now


  • Low Temp DHW – carbon analysis across all energy vectors


  • Continuous Flow Appreciation


  • Continuous Flow Hot Water System Design


  • L8 and Continuous Flow


Rinnai, through its CPD and Training programmes, looks to clarify and engage with the market to assist decision making and understanding with CIBSE consultants, engineers and designers.

Says Chris Goggin, Operation Director, “We can demonstrate how innovation can reduce the use of fossil fuels whilst maximising renewable gains – just one example is the whole of our N Series range. It can be used in conjunction with a renewable heat source - solar or heat pump – to maximise gains from this technology. The Rinnai system will precisely boost the water to the required temperature, saving fuel without compromising performance.

“We also have CPDs which will look at the growing support for continuous flow technologies and how this can benefit the industry versus traditional storage systems. We analyse water heating system design and specification in discussing design issues and best practice for G3 and legionella prevention. We can prove that continuous flow means value engineering that lasts a long working life.”

Rinnai has invested in a successful combination of a fully equipped training facility, as well as these CPD courses, which are supported by a complete state-of-the-art multimedia suite – which can deliver bite-size 1-hour courses to suit the needs of any organisation.

More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” dedicated webpage.

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