Advertorial - Free motor evaluation service highlights hidden potential energy savings

Carl Turbitt
Carl Turbitt of ABB

HVAC systems comprise an estimated 50 percent of the energy used in buildings. With energy prices spiralling, a free service from ABB can help to identify the easiest opportunities to reduce outgoings, as Carl Turbitt, HVAC Drives UK Sales Manager, explains.

With HVAC systems accounting for around half of all energy use in buildings, and with energy prices increasing there is renewed pressure on commercial facilities to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability. Many of the electric motors used in HVAC systems are run without any form of speed control, meaning they are essentially running at full power all the time, irrespective of demand. A variable speed drive (VSD) is a device that electronically controls the speed of the motor, ensuring that it only draws the minimum amount of energy that it requires to achieve a required output (absorbed power).

A drive running a fan or pump in a HVAC system can halve the amount of energy used. Extrapolate this across multiple applications and multiple buildings, and the energy savings can quickly accumulate, resulting in significantly lower electricity bills. With the latest generation of SynRM motor and drive solutions, the energy savings can be even greater.

ABB’s “Energy Snapshot” service is now available for HVAC system operators. The service provides operators of motors and motor-driven equipment with new insights into where the opportunities for efficiency improvements lie within a facility. Applications that can benefit include air handling units (AHU), condenser fans, compressors, hot, cold and booster pump sets.

The service involves an engineer from ABB or an approved ABB Value Provider carrying out an in-person visit over the course of half a day. During the visit, the engineer will identify the motor-driven applications that offer the greatest opportunity to cut energy use in the shortest possible time. A comprehensive report is then produced setting out the recommended course of action, offering a compelling business case for investment in energy efficient motor and variable speed drive (VSD) technologies.


The report is bespoke for every facility, incorporating actual operating data gathered during the inspection to recommend appropriate solutions, and provide compelling justification for them. This includes projected CAPEX and OPEX estimates, savings forecasts, payback points and energy/CO2 saved over time, illustrated using charts and graphs as well as raw figures.

To register your interest in the Energy Snapshot service, visit:, or contact Carl Turbitt directly at, on 01925 741111, or find him on LinkedIn.

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