Copeland innovates Integrated Scroll Compressor solution to enable quieter heat pumps

Copeland Scroll Compressors

Copeland's new type of variable speed scroll compressors, designed specifically for heat pumps with R290 (propane) or R454C refrigerant, generates a lower sound pressure than other scroll compressors.

Low noise emissions critical to encouraging more widespread adoption

Heat pumps play a central role in moving away from fossil fuels to heat buildings and homes. As a more sustainable alternative, they bring ambient heat to the required temperature level with minimal energy input. However, a decisive factor for their legal conformity, acceptance and adoption is noise, especially in urban residential areas. At the 20th European Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Milan, Italy, Copeland™ presented innovative technology and complete compressor solutions that enable exceptionally quiet operation. With the help of the new Copeland YHV*RG and YHV*RT scroll compressors, original equipment manufacturers can develop effi cient heat pumps that meet the particularly high requirements for low noise in the residential sector, but without the need for elaborate sound insulation.

Copeland solution combines low noise with efficiency and sustainability

The core of Copeland's complete solution is a new type of variable speed scroll compressor designed specifi cally for heat pumps with R290 (propane) or R454C refrigerant. These scroll compressors generate a lower sound pressure than other scroll  compressors: Compared to a standard Copeland compressor, the newly developed scroll compressors of the YHV low-sound
series operate at full power with a 10 dB(A) lower sound pressure.
The low sound scroll compressors are complemented by the highly efficient Copeland EV3 drive and the advanced superheat envelope controller (SEC).They continuously monitor performance and ensure that all operating parameters are within their defined safety margins.

Because the Copeland low-sound solution package combines quietness with the highest energy effi ciency (A+++) and refrigerants with low global warming potential, it also ensures compliance with the F-Gas regulation, thus making it a future-proof investment.

New Copeland scroll compressors are the key to less noise, lower system costs

"The Copeland package with scroll compressors, perfectly matched components and advanced control technology allows for the design of very quiet and compact heat pumps," explains Enrico Fraccari, director marketing residential comfort, Europe for Copeland. "For manufacturers, this also combines great potential savings in material and labour costs – lower system costs in turn improve their competitiveness."

Further technical information on the innovative range of Copeland low noise scroll compressors is available for download at

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