BACnet brings it all together in new hospital

The BACnet communications protocol is at the heart of the building-management system for the new hospital in Blackburn. It is used in the TAC Satchwell building-management system and links 33 air-handling and cooling systems serving 11 operating theatres, a new X-ray department with an MRI scanner, a new pathology department and mortuary using distributed power, control and over a hundred inverter drives with native BACnet capability. The project is a Private Finance Initiative, so cost is important. TAC Satchwell’s integrated approach reduces the number of sub-contractors needed at the design stage and makes installation of wiring and monitoring equipment quicker, easier and cheaper. Simon Clement of TAC Satchwell explains, ‘It makes little sense to deal with a host of different contractors at the installation stage, all bringing their own sets of wires, cables and interfaces. Integration allows you to cut out the need for that altogether, quickly, easily and cost effectively.’
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