Tridium brings together building automation for Philips

This landmark headquarters building of Philips Lighting in Eindhoven now incorporates a Tridium-based framework for building automation.
As part of a major upgrade to the headquarters of Philips Lighting in Holland, Tridium worked with its system integrator Celsius Benelux to integrate the control of a complex range of services into one interoperable web-based environment. This 14-storey building in Eindhoven accommodates 1000 staff. Its services were previously independently controlled, creating issues of operational performance and energy efficiency. Celsius Benelux was called in to design and install an effective, integrated, open and easily accessible control system for the 700-plus control points — covering lighting, security and HVAC services. Tridium’s Niagara AX framework has provided the answer. The HVAC installation is based on an energy-storage system using four groundwater wells. These provide for heating and cooling and serve primary plant for the VAV air-conditioning system. The lighting system features Philips Helion controllers, and the security system uses Tyco controllers. Both systems operate on independent LON networks. The Niagara AX software framework brings together diverse devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, to create a seamless system without the need for special gateways or expensive BMS supervisory software. Celsius Benelux developed its own modules, creating specific control applications and solutions for the building, while integrating the existing control devices for the different services. Systems such as security and HVAC can interact. When the building is unlocked and entered, the Tyco security system passes information through a hard-wired connection for all offices to be set on standby and general lighting at elevators, stairways and restaurants to be switched on. When a Philips employee requires access to a floor, authorisation must be obtained from the security system. The Tyco system signals the control system to turn on lights in the general areas, and they stay on until all movement sensors have been inactive for more than 30 minutes. These sensors are also used by the HVAC nodes on the LON network to set the HVAC units to an unoccupied state. The Niagara framework is embedded with six Tridium JACE control units serving control devices on each floor. The control system was engineered via a web browser, supporting multiple access and parallel binding locations. It can be adapted or extended to accommodate new controllers quickly and easily in the future.
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