KSB introduces system for harvesting rainwater

Rainwater harvesting — KSB’s Hy-Rain system.
KSB has introduced a system for collecting and using rainwater for applications such as flushing toilets and irrigation. The Hya-Rain system comprises a storage tank sunk into the ground outside the building and operating equipment and controls for installing on the wall of a plant room, garage or utility room. Water is used from the storage tank if it is available or from the cold mains, with the changeover via a 3-way motorised valve. Mains water is also used when the tank is drained for cleaning and maintenance. KSB can provide advice on how to calculate the requirements for a project. It is recommended to install a float switch to ensure there is at least 30 cm of water below the floating suction device to avoid dirt being taken in by the draw-off pump via the floating suction device. If a rising slope on site does not permit a suction line to be laid, it may be advisable to install a booster pump in the storage tank. In low-lying water-tank situations, any overflowing water can be directed into the tank via the duct accommodating the suction line and cable for the float switch.
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