Venture Lighting improves visual environment and reduces energy costs for call centre

Installed to improve the visual environment, Venture Lighting’s metal-halide lamps are helping to reduce energy costs by £7000 a year in this O2 call centre.
Venture Lighting’s metal-halide lamps have been used to great effect in the improvement of the visual environment for over 1200 people employed at the O2 Call Centre in Bury, Lancs. Feedback from employees suggested that the overall visual environment was poor, and a survey identified that the lighting was part of the problem. The survey included taking readings of lighting levels, digital photographs and quantifying luminaires and wattages for analysis. It was discovered that the ceiling, walls, furniture and lamp colours were conflicting with one another to create a complicated visual environment. Following a request for recommendations from Taylor Woodrow Facilities Management, Whitecroft Lighting carried out a through-life cost analysis and computer modelling. Recommendations included upgrading the lighting and redecorating the space to improve reflectances and help balance colours. In many instances, one-for-one replacement was possible using lower-wattage luminaires and making huge savings on rewiring costs and also to achieve large savings in energy and maintenance costs. Industrial high-bay luminaires were replaced with Whitecroft Atlanta luminaires incorporating Venture Lighting’s 400 W high-output pulse-start metal-halide lamps and full metal reflectors to prevent glare at mezzanine level. Euroflood mini floodlights using 150 W Venture lamps were installed at the base of the ‘sails’ (see photo.) to produce a wide spread of uniform light, as intended in the original design. Ceramic metal-halide lamps remove colour shift below the mezzanines. The new installation has a balanced, constant-colour appearance throughout and is predicted to reduce energy bills by £7000 a year.
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