Heat pumps can deliver up to 45 kW

Eco Heat Pumps now offers heat pumps with outputs of up to 45 kW
High-output heat pumps for commercial and public-sector applications are now available from Eco Heat Pumps. Thermia Robust units are designed to deliver heat outputs from 13 to 45 kW. Heat pumps with outputs from 13 to 26 kW can deliver water at 65°C. Larger units deliver water at 55°C. COPs are said to be better than five. Several heat pumps can be connected together, with controls making it possible to set up cascade arrangements. The number of units in action is automatically controlled. All models have a sub-cooler — an additional heat exchanger that extracts the maximum free energy from the heat source. Scroll compressors are used, which are claimed to offer up to 20% better performance than piston types. Scroll compressors do not have inlet or outlet valves, resulting in higher efficiency over a longer life and very low noise levels. Weather compensation is a further aid to energy efficiency.
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