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18 June, 2007
Reducing UK carbon emissions by the equivalent of every vehicle on Britain’s roads today is the object of a wide range of measures proposed in the Energy White Paper published late last month. That objective would reduce carbon emissions by 23 to 33 Mt by 2020.
New companies, new products and ever-changing market shifts are all revealed by BSRIA’s latest survey of the UK air-conditioning market. David Garwood has the details.
Airedale’s LogiCool range of packaged chillers for computer suites and server rooms can be matched with direct rack-cooling solutions from leading rack producers and also linked to airside cooling systems from Airedale and other manufacturers.
Recent enhancements to Dunham Bush’s extensive range of fan-coil units include the launch of the Concierge unit for hotel rooms and the introduction of EC motor options for the Panther, Leopard, Puma and Jaguar series.
Andrew Keogh explores how chiller technology is taking on the energy efficiency challenge.
Using EDC International’s Inverter Phase Check modules makes it possible to determine whether problems with inverter-controlled chillers are due to the compressor or the inverter.
Having spawned the 2006 Building Regulations, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive continues to impact on the industry with the development of schemes for inspecting air-conditioning systems over 12 kW of cooling. Hywel Davies explains how new guidance from CIBSE will help the industry.

The European influence

16 June, 2007
Terry Farthing reviews how the steady influence of air-distribution systems from Europe have shaped the UK air-conditioning market.
John Lewis
As part of a major refurbishment of John Lewis stores in England and Scotland, Weatherite Building Services has upgraded air-conditioning in the Milton Keynes store.
The energy used by air conditioning is often seen as contributing to the carbon-dioxide emissions that cause global warming. However, comfort cooling and reduced emissions can go together, as John Durbin explains.
Waterloo Air Products is continuing to re-establish itself in the UK air-conditioning market with the recent opening of a northern office, extending its technical capabilities by investing in staff and facilities and developing new products.
Moducel is providing a closely controlled environment for mission-critical computing facilities at Salisbury District Hospital. The facilities are a key part of the hospital’s infrastructure and operate round the clock.
Panasonic’s 2007 range of air-conditioning units includes a sophisticated air-purifying system and inverter technology that reduces energy consumption by 50% during cooling and 64% during heating. These units are said to be ideal for small shops, offices and homes.
The Neo Plasma system for filtering and purifying air used in LG’s Art Cool air-conditioning units comprises seven specialised filters in five separate stages to enhance cleaning power to reduce fine dust, mould, unpleasant odours, cigarette smoke and microscopic contaminants such as mites and pollen. It is also said to help prevent the contaminants which may irritate asthma sufferers.
Daikin’s commitment to the UK was emphasised by Peter Verkempynck, deputy managing director in the UK, to over 600 guests at Daikin UK’s industry conference at the new Wembley Stadium last month. They included customer’s from the company’s D1 network, consultants, specifiers and end users.
To simplify the specification of air-handling systems, Carrier has developed a packaged, complete air-handling system for air flows from 1.8 to over 11 m3/s and cooling capacities up to 190 kW with integrated controls and software.
SAS’s range of integrated service modules bring together equipment such as chilled beams, luminaires and other services, are said to provide an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning. When suspended from the ceiling plane or in coffers, ISMs leave the concrete soffit exposed, enabling thermal-mass cooling to take place.

Ductwork priorities

16 June, 2007
Without ductwork, air conditioning is just comfort cooling. But ductwork is not something that can be shoehorned into any space available, as Paul Roxburgh stresses.
Trox UK has supplied and installed a wide range of active chilled beams for a speculative office development in Scotland. This contract for the largest single office scheme in Scotland was worth £450 000 and involved special 300 mm-wide flush-mounted chilled beams through the centre of the landmark Waverleygate office development next to the main railway station in Edinburgh.
Air conditioning for the new Battle Abbey visitor centre is provided by a Daikin mini VRVIII heat-pump inverter system.
LG’s Art Cool range of indoor air-conditioning units now includes Mirror units. They have all the advanced features of the Art Cool range as standard and also allow for digital airflow control to ensure maximum comfort.
The installation of five Breezair evaporative cooling in two areas of Jones Stroud Insulations in Preston has reduced peak summer temperatures from over 35°C to 25°C. The coolers serve the reinforced-tower and carbon areas and were installed by CoSaf Environments. Their success has prompted Jones Stroud Insulations to expand the cooling system to other areas of the factory.

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14 June, 2007
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Measure to know

11 June, 2007
With the driving need for building-services and facilities managers to ensure internal environments are maintained in a sustainable way comes several considerations for dealing with waterborne heating and cooling systems. Pressure losses across balancing valves can ruin the control of a variable-flow water system, resulting in loss of internal climate control and accompanying complications such as irritating excess pipe noise. Peter Rees advocates the tried and tested method of differential pressure control and offers some advice on measuring the pressure across the system.
Doug Robins offers advice on how to realise a control system that will result in a well run and energy efficient building.
Tour & Andersson has introduced a product that is said to have the capability of reducing installation time by at least 20% and commissioning time by over 50%. Called TA-HUB (to imply hydronic user-friendly balancing) the concept also significantly reduces the time required for the maintenance of hydronic system by bringing together control valves for a number of terminal devices to a single location.
Oventrop Hydromat Q automatic flow-regulating valves have been installed to serve mission-critical blade-server racks as part of the refurbishment of mechanical and electrical infrastructure systems of data halls of a leading bank.
Duncan Selby warns against placing too much reliance on differential-pressure control valves in variable-flow systems.
Oventrop valves played a key role in commissioning the water-based services in the new £25 million Sandwell Academy in West Bromwich. The 2-storey academy will specialise in sport and business enterprise.
Belimo’s pressure-independent characterised control valves greatly simplify the design and installation of hydronic systems by delivering a constant preset flow over a wide range of differential pressure such as are encountered in systems with variable-speed pumps.
Crane now offers a manifold commissioning device that enables up to six fan-coil units, or other terminal units, to be commissioned and maintained from one point.
An agreement to develop and promote commissioning within the construction industry has been signed by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and the Commissioning Specialists Association. The signing of this memorandum of understanding builds on previous work and provides shared access to member benefits and services.
The performance and operating costs of pumps throughout their lift is dramatically affected by how well systems are commissioned. Roy Henderson shares his views on how to achieve effective commissioning.
SAV FloCon modules have been used to provide centralised commissioning of services for new luxury apartments in Dublin and to monitor the supply of energy to each flat.

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Going Underground

ABM has announced a significant contract win with Transport for London (TfL) to provide mechanical and electrical (M&E) services across the London Underground network.