SAV commissioning modules for Dublin apartment block also meter energy use

Commissioning modules with built in energy meters for over 200 apartments in a development in Dublin have been specially built by SAV.
SAV FloCon modules have been used to provide centralised commissioning of services for new luxury apartments in Dublin and to monitor the supply of energy to each flat. Fairview Apartments is a development of 1- and 2-bedroom flats in seven blocks by Ellen Development There are 220 apartments. Central boiler plant serves the development, rather than boilers in each flat, to minimise penetrations for flues and meet the need for internal kitchens and bathrooms in some flats. Kingmec, which is responsible for M&E services, was keen to ensure easy access for maintenance, with minimal disturbance to occupants. Metering of energy supplies for each apartment was also required. All the components required for distribution, isolation, system flushing, balancing, filtering and metering were required to be contained in a single package for discreet location. To meet this requirement SAV developed a special version of its FloCon module. Other key components include large, fine-mesh strainer, pressure gauges and specially designed commissioning valves — as well as an energy meter for each flat. At Fairview, these modules are located in the risers, some in the flow and some in the return. Each module can serve three to six flats. These modules make commissioning of radiator and DHW systems much easier. Forward and back flushing can easily be carried out from the commissioning modules for the whole system and individual heating/cooling lines. The problem of trapped air is also solved, as each module has its own bleed valve which vents air as each line is filled. The system is balanced using double-regulating valves with a scale that can be read from any angle. The location of the FloCon modules in the risers of these blocks make access for maintenance easy. Individual radiators can readily be isolated at the module without having to drain down the entire system. The large, fine-mesh strainer provide superb protection of system components — including thermostatic valves.
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