Oventrop delivers balanced approach for new academy

A wide selection of Oventrop valves have been used to balance water-distribution systems for heating, cooling and DHW in the new Sandwell Academy.
Oventrop valves played a key role in commissioning the water-based services in the new £25 million Sandwell Academy in West Bromwich. The 2-storey academy will specialise in sport and business enterprise. Mechanical services are controlled by a building-management system and comprise an LTHW heating system with gas-fired boilers, flues, pumps and associated pressurisation units in a first-floor plant room. There are two pumped circuits. A constant-temperature circuit serves heater batteries in air-handling units, fan-coil units, void packs in conditioned rooms and trench heating. A variable-temperature weather-compensated circuit incorporates pressure-controlled inverter-drive pumps serving radiators and radiant emitters. There are over 250 radiators and radiant panels. Distribution pipework from the central boilerhouse is via external pipe-in-pipe insulated underground mains and then generally above false ceilings in corridors. To facilitate balancing of the water flow, each main branch connection on the constant-temperature circuit has an isolating valve on the flow connection and a commissioning set on the return connection. A similar arrangement applies to the AHU valve assemblies and to flow and return pipework connections to the 4-pipe fan-coil units. The weather-compensated circuit serves most of the radiators and radiant panels. To facilitate flexible and economic operation of the building, the radiator pipework has two control zones, with a 2-port motorised valve in the boilerhouse and independent time control. Radiators have pressetable Oventrop AV6 TRVs on the flow connections. They have characterised valve ports so the flow through the valve can be preset to design figures using a calibrated setting scale. To limit the differential pressure across TRVs as they close, there are strategically placed Hydromat DP differential-pressure controllers linked to commissioning valves. Radiant panels and trench heating elements have a similar valve arrangement, but with TRVs having remote room sensors. Domestic hot water is provided by direct gas-fired water generators with water stored at 60°C. Each system has a pumped secondary return for water circulation to obtain a minimum temperature of 55°C. Double-regulating valves are installed in the secondary branch connections to facilitate balancing for even temperature to all outlets. Enquiry Number 132
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