Monodraught takes control of natural ventilation

Adding to the capabilities of Monodraught’s solar-assisted Sola-boost natural-ventilation system is the INVent controller.
The INVent controller for Monodraught’s Sola-boost natural-ventilation system can control up to four zones and includes connections for sensors for temperature, rain, carbon-dioxide and windspeed/weather. Other features include a built-in BMS fault signal alarm, heating interlock/occupancy facility, fire service keyswitch over-ride facility and interconnection with a fire alarm to automatically close dampers in response to an alarm. INVent is designed to maximise the efficiency of the Sola-boost system, the key feature of which is the use of solar-generated electricity to power an integral fan to deliver fresh air into buildings and rooms below. When there is sufficient sunlight to generate 7 V, two-and-a-half times more power is delivered to the fan to boost air movement and provide more ventilation on hotter days. The controller is in a white plastic casing for installing in secure locations such as the office of a facilities manager. In vulnerable areas, it can be secured with a special locking key. It has an integral time clock with a 5-year battery, short-circuit protection with reset and a manual over-ride. Planned developments include remote access, Sola-signal radio data signal control and annual data storage.
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